love yourself and all else will follow…

With a wink and a nod to vintage from yesteryear to yesterday,  all the clothing in this studio is designed and made on site. Continuously evolving designs for each season created with new fabrics and up-cycled materials like sweater knits, linen, and crochet. Leather pieces are created from some new and some leather sourced from furniture designers ends. Vintage jewelry is often salvaged and recreated to new more wearable pieces.

As a designer and artist my goal is to be constantly creating one of a kind items in constant states of creation. Always re-designing and re-structuring.

I would like to inspire all of us to be engaged in making a conscious decision on how we are expressing our individuality and on a basic level how we get dressed and play with our image.

i want to inspire love of self and of self expression, and to inspire love through  freedom of expression.